Thursday, 19 January 2012

Get thee behind me, Laa-Laa!

One advantage of regular training is that I am sleeping better. From about Christmas to a week into the New Year I had had great difficulty getting to sleep, and most nights I was able to listen to the full output of the night time selection of the BBC World Service, unabridged by any impromptu interludes of deep sleep or even dozing. Why, I don’t know. I always make it a rule though to be up and about at my normal time and not go to bed too early, in the hope that the build up of fatigue will ensure some restorative slumber.

Last night my efforts seem to be finally paying off, as I actually slept through the shipping forecasts at either end of the night (00:45 and 05:30), even extending my bedbound oblivion well into the Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme! Before bed I had had a slight notion that I might run again this morning, but it really wouldn’t have been sensible. I arose to slightly sore and fatigued legs, particularly calves, and know that to venture out would have been folly in the extreme. This is sensible, as muscles and bones need time to recuperate and this is often when they gain their strength, stimulated to react to the stresses and strains they have recently experienced. Exactly what I didn’t do that time when my leg broke!

The endorphin rush is missed, and will have to wait until tomorrow, but hopefully I will be better prepared to repeat my run of yesterday, but more comfortably and possibly even in a faster time. It occurred to me that yesterday’s run of just over 4.5 miles is actually just a touch over one-third of the half marathon distance. Could I have managed a further nine miles at the end of yesterday’s run? Well, it would have been very difficult, but hopefully I will be in much better shape in seven weeks’ time. No doubt on the ‘big day’ I will have additional impetus due to the fact I will be dressed as The Diabetes Fairy, and must at all costs not be beaten by Laa-Laa the teletubbie or the group of Royal Marines running in full kit and carrying a small frigate!

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