Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Does my bum look big in this?

Most definitely a rest and recuperation day today. My legs don’t feel too bad, but just a little bit heavy, so hopefully giving them a day to recover will mean I can tackle some extra distance tomorrow – I’d like to get a couple of 5-milers in before the week is over. Still having my 15 minute sessions with the lovely Gay Gasper though (what a name for a fitness instructor!). There’s one point in the routine where she asks you to do an exercise and then says ‘I surprised you!’ Gay, nothing you say surprises me after we’ve been together all this time – for those 15 minutes I know your every thought and movement! I could probably do the whole thing without actually putting the DVD on, but it is encouraging to be paced through the routine by Gay’s commentary. I did buy another DVD that I thought might be good, featuring Flavia from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and teaching you how to do an Argentine Tango with a chair, but it’s about ten minutes of complicated instructions followed by the actual routine, which I promptly get lost in about thirty seconds after it starts!

So, what’s all this about today’s title then? Well, I now have my costume for the race! Managed to pick up a cheap outfit on the interweb – just hope it fits! I still need to complete the ensemble with a wig and a wand, and have my eye on some stripey stockings, but hopefully these will be easy enough to pick up. And no – I’m not going to tell you what the outfit looks like, you’ll have to wait! My biggest worry is that I will look far too pretty and people will just imagine that I am Nell McAndrew rather than a bloke in a frock!

Hope to have a good run to relate tomorrow!

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